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About Us

“AZAD Pharmaceuticals” LLC was founded in 2004. Company presents the active pharmaceutical ingredients of generic drugs (API) and finished drugs in the CIS countries, Georgia, Ukraine and Iran, as well as has new achievements in the fields of health, agriculture, veterinary medicine and science.


Research, development of new, affordable, effective methods for chemical synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients and the latter investment in the production.


Registration, import, marketing and sale of agricultural pesticides in Armenia and Georgia


Promoting proper cattle breeding and pet care in Armenia


Drug registration and marketing, as well as import and sale of high-quality and affordable drugs in Armenia and Georgia

“AZAD Pharmaceuticals” LLC is a good platform for presenting European products in the region

AZAD Laboratory

“AZAD Pharmaceuticals” LLC Scientific Research Laboratory was established in 2014, and the actual experimental activity started in mid-2015. Initially, the main purpose of the laboratory was to search for chemical synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients of oncological, ophthalmic, antiviral and antibacterial generic drugs, which are in great demand in the world pharmaceutical market. With the technology developed in the laboratory, a number of APIs are already produced abroad and corresponding international licences have been obtained. The laboratory pays serious attention to the development of science, in particular, the scientific results obtained within the framework of the relevant projects have been published in international scientific journals and the employees of the laboratory has presented reports at a number of scientific conferences.


AZAD Agro's mission is to promote agriculture in Armenia and Georgia. It has been operating in Armenia since 2015 and since 2018 in Georgia. AZAD Agro is engaged in the import and sale of goods from companies producing various European pesticides, being the exclusive importer of some producers in Armenia and Georgia.


AZAD Vet has been operating since 2021. It imports and sells quality and affordable products from world manufacturers, as well as organizes and conducts professional consulting seminars. The main direction is the import and sale of veterinary (agricultural and domestic animals, poultry, fish) drugs, medicines, vitamins, care items, feeds and feed additives. By ensuring quality and sustainable animal health, the consolidation around the idea of “one health” will further enable the veterinary public health sector to operate in line with the most targeted and international approaches. AZAD Vet is the representative of Czech "Bioveta", Russian "Goros21", Polish "Biofactor" famous brands in Armenia.

AZAD Moosmann

AZAD Moosmann has been operating since 2010 with the aim of importing unique, high-quality medicines to Armenia. Moosmann is specialized in the sale and registration of medicines, as well as in the research of the market for medicines and medical supplies. Moosmann has been represented in Georgia since 2015 and cooperates with major pharmacy chains in the Georgian market. The business model of Moosmann is to find partners around the world who have unique medicines and to make those medicines available in the CIS countries.

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